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Become a Secret Diner at Nandos & Eat for Free

This is completely free to enter for the chance to become a secret diner at Nandos and eat for free when ever you like.

Do you feel like chicken tonight?

All you need to do to enter this competition or prize draw ( if you prefer ) is click the button below and then follow the steps to sign up to become a secret diner at Nandos, winning people will be selected at random and will probably be spammed with loads of other opportunitys to be a secret shopper or dinner elsewhere – just for clarity, you may want to use an email address which isn’t your primary email to avoid it getting clogged up.

Hey we would really apprecite it if you did enter, as we will earn a minute comisison, which helps us to keep this site free and gives us a little beer money for our time  – these competitions don’t get found and posted themselves you know  😉

Click Here to to become a Secret Diner at Nandos

If you’re a real Nanados or chicken fan then this is worth entering, as there will be winners, if your happy to enter you can get started right now for free simply click either the button above or the button below. Best of Luck to everyone who does enter!

Click Here to Eat for Free at Nandos Now

Win a 3 Year Subscription to Netflix for Free

Want to win a 3 year subscription to Netflix totally free of charge?

If you’re a TV & Film buff and love using Netflix or haven’t yet tried it out, this free to enter and win competition will give the winner a 3 year subscription to their service completely free.

Not one year, not two years but a whole 3 years worth of free high quality tv and films…for Free!

Click Here to Win 3 years of Netflix for Free!


If this sounds like a prize you would like to win or you know someone who would love it, either enter and win it for yourself or you could gift it to someone who would appreciate or simply share this competition with them by email of social media, clcik below to enter today.

Click Here to Win Netflix Free for 3 Years!

Win £100 to Spend at Starbucks for Free

win free coffe at starbucksAre you a Caficionado (someone who’s livin’ that coffee life), if the answer’s yes then this is the competition for you!

Entry is completely free and pretty quick too, all you need to do is click the button below and enter some details on the first page and hey presto – your in!

The prize is £100 of vouchers to spend at any Starbucks outlets, so that’s a fair bit of coffee to enjoy, you can either keep it all for yourself or why not treat your friends to some coffe mornings?


Click Here to Enter and Win £100 of Starrbucks Vouchers


The competition is open to all UK coffee lovers and even if your not a lover of cafes you could alwys gift the prize to a friend or family member who is if your lucky enough to win this great prize.

Click Here to Win £100 to spend at Starbucks for Free

Win a 500 Pounds Boots Gift Card

Fancy getting your hands on £500 to spend on what ever you like at any Boots store?

This free entry competition is run by Kingdom Giveaways, we haven’t listed any of their free competitions on our site before but have been told that during the entry process you will be asked a series of questions which you can answer no thanks/not interested where required.
A quick heads up; At the end of the entry process, you may simply close down the browser if an offer is presented to you that you don’t like, such as a paid text alerts service!
Open to UK residents aged 18 or over. One entry per person. No purchase required.
Tue 31st December 2019

Win £100 of Asda Shopping Vouchers

£100 Asda VouchersEnter to become a mystery shopper at Asda and win £100 of free vouchers to spend on what ever you like in any Asda store.

This is a great opportunity to get your hands on some free shopping at Asda and with them being such great value for money you can take home quite a haul with £100 to spend. If you fancy treating the whole family to some !nice treats then simply click on the button below to sill in your details now

Click Here to become a mystery shopper at Asda Now

If you have an Asda store near you then you should definitely take advantage of this free offer to become a mystery shopper with the chance to gt £100 to spend on what ever you like!

Click Here to become a mystery shopper at Asda Now

Win a Free Set of Cellular Perfect Skin Products

win free nivea perfect skin products competitionIf you love beauty products of just treating your skin well, then you will probably want to enter this free competition to win a set of free Cellular perfect skin products from Nivea.

This competition doesn’t take too long to enter and as the prize isn’t of gigantic value like some if these other online competitions you see tio win huge sums of money or fancy supercars, you will have a much better chance of winning.

Enter today for your chance to win this great prize, simply click the button below to enter and win this competition now, best of luck to everyone entering.

Click Here to Win Free Nivea Skin Products


Even if you’re not too fused with the thought of skin care perhaps your significant other would really enjoy this prize or maybe someone you know would love this free prize as gift, you could give the prize to anyone you like if you win, and as it’s free to enter what have you git to lose?

Click Here to Win Free Nivea Skin Products Now

Win a Free Trip to the Baleric Islands

Hopefully the recent bout of sunshine has got you in the mood for a nice holiday, if you fancy exploring the Baleric Islands then this free to enter ad win online competion will be right up your street as you can win a great trip by spending a couple of minutes filling in your details by clicking the button below:

Click Here to Enter and Win a Free trip to the Baleric Islands!

We’d love to explore new places and the Baleric Islands is certainly on the list. Even if youre not so interested in going if you know someone who deseveres a nice break you coul always enter and win it for them as it would make a fantastic gift for someone who really deserves it.


Why not enter to win the free trip to the Baleric Islands now?

Win a £500 Morisons Shopping Spree for Free

This Free to Win Competition is open to all UK residents and is totaly free to enter.

The prize is a healthy £500 to spend on what ever you like for at Morrisons superstores, now that sort of money would certainly get you some nice grub, to live likekings and queens for a while.

Click Here to Enter and Win £500 to spend at Morrisons

Morrisons were actually voted supermarket of the year last year so if you haven’t visited them this free prize would be the perfect opportunity, as well as great fresh food they also have a ton of other items you could spend your money on, from films to computer games console games, house ware, kitchen appliances and much more!

Click Here to Win £500 to spend at Morrisons Now

Free Competition to Win an iPhone 7

If you’re an Apple fan and have ever wondered how to get an iPhone for free, then you’ve come to the right place.

With this free to enter and win competition you can do exactly that, obviously you aren’t guaranteed to win but it’s completely free to enter so why not spend a couple of minutes entering this great online competition and give yourself a real chance of winning.

Click Here to Enter and Win an iPhone 7 for FREE

As you can see on the entry button above you are entering the competition to win an iPhone 7, so although it’s not the latest it is still very decent bit of kit, also there will likely be less people entering due to this and so you will have a much better chance of winning…

So what are you waiting for?

Click Here to Enter and Win right now

Win a £500 M&S Gift Card Competition

Fancy £500 to spend what ever you like at M&S? I will assume the answer is yes as we’d all be happy with that prize right? 

This is a nice quick and easy to enter competition and as always it’s completely free to enter. 

Click this button now so you can enter and win


For just a few moments of your time you can win a cool £500 M&S voucher to spend on what ever you like at M&S, what would you buy, perhaps some lovely food for Christmas or perhaps a new outfit, a Suite if you have an important event coming up?

I think any of us could easily make use of this prize 🙂

Click this button enter and win