Become a Secret Diner at Nandos & Eat for Free

By | September 14, 2019

This is completely free to enter for the chance to become a secret diner at Nandos and eat for free when ever you like.

Do you feel like chicken tonight?

All you need to do to enter this competition or prize draw ( if you prefer ) is click the button below and then follow the steps to sign up to become a secret diner at Nandos, winning people will be selected at random and will probably be spammed with loads of other opportunitys to be a secret shopper or dinner elsewhere – just for clarity, you may want to use an email address which isn’t your primary email to avoid it getting clogged up.

Hey we would really apprecite it if you did enter, as we will earn a minute comisison, which helps us to keep this site free and gives us a little beer money for our time  – these competitions don’t get found and posted themselves you know  😉

Click Here to to become a Secret Diner at Nandos

If you’re a real Nanados or chicken fan then this is worth entering, as there will be winners, if your happy to enter you can get started right now for free simply click either the button above or the button below. Best of Luck to everyone who does enter!

Click Here to Eat for Free at Nandos Now

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